Friday, January 26, 2007

A Super Bowl for the Glory of God

One of the most interesting storylines for the coming Super Bowl is that both of the coaches are African-American. Michael Smith of ESPN.COM argues that it is the character of these two men that truly sets them apart. He states,

Dungy and Smith are Christian men who serve the Lord first and spend nearly as much time serving their communities. Doesn't prevent them from winning. And often. In just three seasons Smith, last season's Coach of the Year, has helped build the Bears into a league power. Dungy has won more regular season games than any coach since 1999. Where does color factor into that?

After they won their conference championships, you heard Smith talk about his "being blessed" and Dungy give thanks to God. That isn't just lip service with these guys. As Christians they believe it is their responsibility to let their light shine whenever they're in the spotlight. Just as they have a game plan for each other come Super Bowl Sunday, both plan to use the global platform that the Super Bowl provides to speak words that could make an impact beyond football.

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Anonymous said...

good story. kinda makes one wanna do better his own self. but i think thats their intent huh?