Tuesday, January 30, 2007

2 + 4 from 24 (11am - 12 pm)

2 Observations:
1. Observation: There are often weeks when it feels that the show is really setting up the action for the next week. For me, the last two weeks have both felt that way. If history holds, that probably means we are in for an exciting ride for the next few weeks. (One other note -I have come to have a love/hate relationship with the previews for next week. I cannot help but think that last night's preview gave away too much for next week, just as the week before ruined the meeting of Jack and his dad for this week.)

2. Quote of the Night: "I am glad that we can all finally put our cards on the table." (Graem to Jack and his dad revealing who was in charge of the situation)

4 Questions:

1. Is Jack's dad really that clueless about Graem?

2. When will Karen Hayes get her revenge?

3. Is Walid alive?

4. Who is the mole inside CTU? (This is 24 and there has to be one)

What were your top moments of the night? Favorite Quote? What questions do you have remaining?

1 comment:

jasonk said...

Jack's dad is as dirty as his brother. Maybe.

Karen will get her revenge by the middle of the season. I think.

Who is Walid?

The mole is Chloe's husband. Possibly.

Is that clear enough for you?