Monday, January 15, 2007

2 + 4 Questions from 24 (8am - 10 am)

One of the things I like about 24 is that it raises difficult ethical questions. What I like even more is that it never suggests that the answer is obvious or easy. Tonight those choices were woven throughout the show. Wayne Palmer negotiated with Fayed and gave into his demands in an attempt to save American lives. A father did the bidding of the terrorists and even killed a man in an attempt to save his own family. The president chose to give a full presidential pardon to a known terrorist. Walid seems to suggest that the "illegal" capture of the Middle Eastern men is a good thing because of the lives it might save. Curtis cannot stand to think of Assad being released, so he takes matters into his own hands. And finally, Jack choose to save the life of a known terrorist over Curtis.

Now on to the questions:

1. How many are dead in Los Angeles?
2. Is Jack in the radiation zone?
3. Where are the other 4 "visitors" and when are they scheduled to be used?
4. Can the other 4 "visitors" be reconfigured without Hasan Numair?
5. When will Jack and Fayed meet?
6. Will Walid gain the confidence of the terrorists in the detention center?

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