Saturday, January 13, 2007

Around the Web

Here are some links from the past week that I did not get to post: (some sites may require registration)

- Einstein was disorganized and that's okay - "Chaos Rules"

- An interesting article in the New York Times about how knowing too much can be harmful to your health - "What's Making Us Sick Is an Epidemic of Diagnoses"

- A story of how the friends and co-workers of Steve Irwin finished his last television special - "The Final Hunt"

- The inventor of one of the greatest products of our time (especially for college students) died last week week - Momofuku Ando dies at 96

- A story about President Ford by Chevy Chase, the guy who played him on SNL - "Mr. Ford Gets the Last Laugh"

- The national obsession returns next week, apparently with some changes - "All the Right Grooves"

-The world's largest aquarium in Atlanta lost another animal this week - "Aquarium Looking for Cause in Whale Shark's Death" (with gallery here)

- Now you can own Jack Bauer - Here and Here

- Looks like another good round of press for us in the SBC - "Tell-all Paints Ugly Portrait of Baptist Covention Leader"

- An interesting article about the "No Child Left Behind" law that Bush instituted early in his presidency - "How Bush Education Law Has Changed Our Schools"

- Your current world maps are only good for a few more million years - "Long-term Global Forecast? Fewer Continents" (Thanks:BEL)

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