Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2 + 4 from 24 (10 am - 11 am)

Format Change. I will now make two observations (surprises, quotes, or theories) and then ask four questions that are lingering.

2 Observations:
1. Surprise of the Night: Bluetooth Guy from Season 5 is Jack's brother. That is one revelation that makes me want to go back and watch last season to see if there is some tipoff to that last year or if they decided it this year.

2. Quote of the Night: "Trust me, I'm not." (Jack to his brother when Graem says that he is already hurting him)

4 Questions:

1. What country (or countries) is funding Fayed?

2. Why has Jack not spoken to his dad in 9 years?

3. How much do Jack's dad and brother know?

4. When will the other detainees realize that Walid is wired?

What were your top moments of the night? Favorite Quote? What questions do you have?

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