Saturday, January 20, 2007

On the Links

Here are some links from the previous week:

- For those interested in more information on 24, here are a couple of resources - A New York Times review and discussion of the show and an extensive amount of information on 24 Wiki.

- With the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship this weekend, here is a great article about former Florida and Saints quaterback Danny Wuerffel - "Wuerffel Ministry Works to Rebuild New Orleans"

- I don't see how this can end well for either the Falcons or Vick - "Off-field Problems Erode Vick's Image" and "It's Time to Let Vick Go"

- An interesting look at young Muslims in the United Kingdom - "Radical, Moderate Muslims Battle for Young English Minds"

- Here is a site of some of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's sermons and speeches - Voice of a King

- An article in the Tennessean about the trend for muscially credible people doing children's music - "Rockers Now Play to Sippy Cup Set"

- Probably not the smartest criminals around - "Shoplifters Ignite Chemicals at Stockbridge Wal-Mart"

- It is amazing how fast Hollywood jumps on stories - "Depp to Make Film About Poisoned Ex-Spy"

- A Shopping Gene? - "The Voices in My Head Say 'Buy It' Why Argue?"

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