Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PC or BC?

A firestorm has erupted over an answer to a question at the recent Miss USA pageant. Miss California Carrie Prejean had the audacity to say that she believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman. The question was asked by self-described "Queen of the Media" Perez Hilton - a homosexual man who has become a pseud0-celebrity through a gossip blog. While there are many levels to this story and the fallout that has resulted (the intolerance of the tolerant - our obsession with "internet" celebrities - the sensationalization of everything in our society), I was impressed with a simple statement made by Miss California in a follow up interview with Matt Lauer. She simply stated that she was not trying to be "politically correct but biblically correct."

For his part, Hilton says she should have left her beliefs and religion out of the answer. While that sounds great on the television - it is simply impossible to do. Hilton did not leave his beliefs out of the question. Nor did he leave his beliefs out of his expetive ridden rant on his blog following the pageant. Nor has he left his beliefs out of the subsequent interviews on the subject. He just wanted her to leave out any beliefs that were contrary to his. If she had answered the way he believed - he would have applauded her for her courage (and she probably would have won the title of Miss USA). It is interesting that a member of a community that is desperately trying to have their voice heard is attempting at the same time to silence the opposing view. As Roland Martin says in a very good commentary, we have stopped asking questions to get answers.

As a fairly new member of the Twitter community (@268pastor), I have been able to read the tweets of celebrities that are weighing in on the issue. What is perhaps most troubling to me is the response of some people who openly talk about their faith in Jesus on Twitter, but are now joining in the parade of criticism of Miss California. Using words like "this blond Christian believes in gay marriage" and "I am a Christian and I love you - gay or not," they seem to suggest that a homosexual lifestyle is completely acceptable.

Now, let me say that I completely agree that God loves everyone on this planet. Scripture is clear that God loves the "world." But Scripture is also perfectly clear that he hates sin. And as much as our world would like to redefine what sin is in our own image, Scripture is clear that homosexuality is a sin. It is a sin like many other sins, but a sin nonetheless. While we as Christians can do much better in the way that we love people, we must always stand on the convictions of Scripture.

So, let me join in the chorus of those weighing in on this controversy and say that I applaud Miss California for answering boldly - but more than that I commend her for continuing to stand by those principles in the wave of attacks that have come.

Check out the video below to hear more.

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