Wednesday, February 14, 2007

2 + 4 from 24 (1pm-3pm)

Because of a nasty sinus infection, I was not able to watch 24 until Tuesday. As a result, here is a delayed take on the episode.

2 Observations:
1. Observation: The two hours on Monday were the highpoint of the season following the 4 hr premiere for me. It seems that they are returning to what make 24 a successful show. And while some of the plot twists are becoming predictable (expected in a sixth season), those formulas are what make the show work. These episodes had the right mixture of action and drama. I am now anxious to see how it continues to unfold.

2. Quote of the Night: "There is a fine line between conviction and stubborness."

4 Questions:
1. How long will it be before we figure out who "Carson" is?

2. What will Morris do to redeem himself?

3. Is a romance brewing between Chloe and Jack (after Morris gave in to the terrorist in a matter of minutes while Jack withstood months of torture at the hands of the Chinese)?

4. Who will reach Gredenko first - father or son?

What were your top moments of the night? Favorite Quote? What questions do you have remaining?

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