Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost Returns Tonight

With the writers' strike continuing well into this year, television has really suffered. Tonight, however, a glimmer of hope comes. The fourth season of Lost is on tonight and I am really looking forward to it. With no 24 in sight, Lost is my favorite show on now. Part of that reason is that Lost had the most shocking and well-written ending last year of any show.

If you are not a fan of the show, ITunes has a recap of the first three seasons. It was free for a while - don't know if it still is.

If you are a fan, you might interested in this article of 48 pending questions on the show.

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Jeff said...

On my blog, I also asked if Charlie will come back (Locke always comes back, why not Charlie?) or if there will be another great moment like when Hurley runs over the bad guys with a VW van, saving the day!