Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2 + 4 from 24 (10-11 PM)

2 Observations:
1. Observation: I think that the episode this week was a high point of the series this year. They did seem to wrap up the story line of the suitcase nukes a little abruptly, but it was overdue. What made tonight good is what has made the series good from the beginning, the focus was on Jack and other characters played minor roles. This year it almost seems as if Kiefer Sutherland is guest starring on his own show. I hope that the new situation with Audrey will put the focus back on Jack for the rest of the year.

2. Quote of the Night: "Just give me another shot of adrenaline." (Unfortunately, this quote from the lips of President Palmer Part Deux sums up his entire storyline. It seems the writers tried to kill off the story line several times only to try to reinject some life into it unsuccessfully)

4 Questions:
1. What component is Jack asked to get for the Chinese?

2. Will we see Jack's dad, sister-in-law, or nephew (or is it son?) again this season?

3. Who is the mole in CTU (there has to be one somewhere, right?)?

4. Will President Logan make it until the end of the day (and do comas always make someone more decisive and commanding)?

What were your top moments of the night? Favorite Quote? What questions do you have remaining?

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